8 Habits for Growth

Don’t just do the right actions. Build habits—and watch your life be transformed.

Many books try to help you do the right actions. But the real key to life transformation—for yourself and then for others—is building habits that become part of your life. Because habits don’t just dictate what you do. They reflect who you are.

In 8 Habits for Growth, Darryl Dash wants to show you the eight long-term practices—all very doable—that will lead to permanent growth if you incorporate them into your life. You’ll learn why it’s important to:

  • Make time
  • Rest and refresh
  • Engage the Bible
  • Speak with God
  • Worship and belong
  • Care for your body
  • Simplify and prioritize
  • Go the distance

Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight. But it does happen, slowly, as you build God’s habits into your life. So what are you waiting for? Start your new habits today and let God transform who you are . . . and who you can become.

Pastors and Ministry Leaders

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It’s hard to imagine a more 'user friendly' book for Christians who want to cultivate personal habits for spiritual growth!

This book is especially ideal for small groups and discussion groups to work through together. Darryl Dash has given a wonderful gift to the church with this edifying, practical, and Christ-honoring book.

Gavin Ortlund, pastor of First Baptist Church, Ojai, and author of Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn’t

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You make decisions, but eventually your decisions make you.

In his new book 8 Habits for Growth, Darryl Dash does a wonderful job of cutting through the noise that has become life today to isolate eight critical habits that, practiced regularly, will benefit you for years to come. These habits will become investments that will pay off for the rest of your life.

Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor, Connexus Church


8 Habits for Growth is like a conversation with a grounded, thoughtful, faithful friend...

…who wants nothing more than to encourage you in your walk with Christ — a spiritual coach who buys you a coffee and a donut and shares with you some things that worked for them (and multitudes of others). The “clean- slate policy” of just picking yourself up and moving on if you flounder is espe- cially grace-filled and refreshing. In Darryl’s own words: “The habits are good, but the habits aren’t the point. The point is that we were made to know and worship God.” This book will help you get there.

Karen Stiller, author of The Minister’s Wife, coeditor of Faith Today magazine


Healthy habits are fundamental to our flourishing as Christians.

But habits are hard, and developing new habits — or maintaining existing ones — is daunting. This is an accessible, practical, and actionable book —perfect for small groups, families, and friends seeking sustainable growth in a culture of fads and quick fixes.

Brett McCracken, senior editor at The Gospel Coalition and author of The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World


Darryl Dash reminds us that the Christian life is formed in us through the ordinary habits of our days.

We often want spiritual transformation to be quick, but Dash points us to eight small habits — showing us how things like decluttering and caring for our bodies work alongside corporate worship, prayer, and Bible reading — to actually experience transformation. 8 Habits for Growth is the resource individuals, parents, and church leaders need to help themselves and others experience real gospel fruit.

Ashley Hales, author, pastor’s wife, and host of the Finding Holy podcast


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