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One Actionable Insight

Ray Ortlund’s new book The Death of Porn is more than a book about porn.

The book is a series of letters from Ortlund to us. The firth letter in the book talks about creating groups of confession, not accountability.

Ortlund lists three steps:
  1. Confession — “Let’s start confessing and keep on confessing to a brother, who starts praying and keeps on praying, until God’s healing power comes down to us, and to others around us, to the ends of the earth.
  2. Prayer — “Lord, I’m here with my brother. He’s a mess, and so am I. But you love us. So we’re turning to you…”
  3. Healing — “An honest man in a praying brotherhood is located right where God has promised his gentle healing will flow. And that man and his brothers together become a healing movement in our suffering world.”
“Your goal is that when the meeting is over, every man walks out with two fresh experiences: one, he has unburdened his heart and been prayed for; two, he has listened to the other guys unburdening their hearts and has prayed for them.”

Ortlund practices this himself and finds it powerful.

Takeaway: “Jesus builds his new world of nobility not by men parading their virtues but by men admitting their failings.”

Question: How can you begin to build a culture of confession in a healthy way within your church?

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