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One Actionable Insight

Discipleship is multifaceted. There’s no one secret to growing as a believer. But one habit seems to matter most: reading the Bible.

In his book No Silver Bullets, Daniel Im reported on a study done by Lifeway that asked, “When it comes to maturity in Christ, are there a few input goals that will lead to the eight output goals? Can we find the 80/20 Principle at work here? Are there a few vital behaviors that will yield disproportionate influence toward maturity in Christ?”

The study found that one behavior rose to the top. “When it comes to reading the Bible, hands down, this is the input goal that has a direct impact on the total score of all the output goals … In other words, the more an individual did the input goal of reading their Bible, the higher they scored in all of the output goals.”

One of the best things we can do to grow ourselves — and to help others grow — is to read the Bible.

Takeaway: Im writes, “So the more you can help your church to read the Bible, the better they are going to be able to obey God and deny self, serve God and others, share Christ, exercise their faith, seek God, build relationships, and be unashamed about their faith.

Questions: How can you grow in reading the Bible in 2022? How can you help others read the Bible?

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