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One Actionable Insight

My friend Bill invited me to start meeting with him. He didn’t have a program or a curriculum. He just wanted to get to know me.

I remember spending time with him, with lots of conversations and questions. I half realized it at the time: he had decided to enter into a disciple-making relationship with me. The impact of Bill’s time with me was profound.

Takeaway: Often, disciple-making is less about curricula and classes and more to do with intentional relationship.

Question: Is there a person you can invite into an intentional relationship?

Four Discipleship Links

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Podcast Episodes

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And that’s a wrap for the first season of the podcast. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s much more work than I expected, but it’s been fun. If you’ve missed any episodes, check them out.

Stay tuned for a PDF download with the best insights from the first season.

I’ll be back again soon with a new season based on the my new book 8 Habits for Growth.

Other News

8 Habits for Growth
My next book, 8 Habits for Growth: A Simple Guide to Becoming More Like Christ, is out next week.

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