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One Actionable Insight

“It seems so strange,” she said. “All of my children followed the Lord, but not many of my grandchildren did.”

We began talking about some of the reasons. Although there are no easy answers, it seems that part of the problem is the shift in society that makes faith a lot less plausible than a generation before.

We don’t disciple in the abstract. We disciple in a world that is shaping us (and our children) in powerful ways, as this tweet from Jon Tyson suggests:
The solution, in part, must be what Tim Keller calls counter-catechesis: an effort to not only construct a worldview in people’s minds, but to also dismantle and vaccinate against the dominant alternatives.

Takeaway: As you disciple, teach Christianity and help people recognize and resist the dominant alternatives to Christianity that they’re tempted to follow.

Question: What is one dominant counter-narrative to Christianity that you need to address?

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